Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gerard Way was being considered for the role of...

EDWARD IN TWILIGHT. that's is right there was a list of people who the casting directors were considering. One of whom was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. That's right Gerard Way. Franny told me that she think he could have done a better job than Rob Pattinson and i could've have killed her right then and there. Gerard has no acting experience what so ever. He could not have pulled it off. he is just not vampire material.

Not Edward Quality

That's Edward Quality

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Host

OK I just recently finished The Host and as I said before Franny is reading it also. The Host is one of the most confusing yet intriguing book I have ever read. It is a romance but an awkward one. It's mainly about a girl named Melanie who is taken away by alien worm thingies and is used as a host for one of these "aliens". The world she thought she lived in is now taken over by this new life form. Here's one IMPORTANT thing in the story: usually when an "alien" enters a host the host's soul is distinguished. With Wanderer(the "alien's" name) she still hears Melanie in her head. When her seeker (sort of like a mentor for these "aliens") finds this out she recommends that Wanderer be given a new host and that she(the seeker) enter Melanie's body. Wanderer gets mad at this statement and runs away. Another important thing is that Melanie's true love Jared is no where to be found. So is her brother Jared. One thing that just irritates Wanderer is that Melanie constantly throws memories of Jamie and Jared at her. TOO BE CONTINUED. Franny and I will be both writing this Summery so we have to wait for her to catch up in the book. (she's a slow reader XD XD XD)

Hello People. Today I am supplying you with another short summery. Due To Franny not reading. OK So, When Wanderer realizes that she is too in love with Jared and Jamie Melanie gets mad. Meanwhile Wanderer runs away from her seeker TO find Jamie and Jared. When Melanie throws yet another memory at Wanderer. This memory is the key to finding Jamie and Jared. She has to find Melanie's uncle Jeb's ranch and that is where they should be. When their car runs out of gas their both stuck walking on foot in the forest alone with barely any water or food. Wanderer has had no success and it practically parched/famished. When her legs give out and she faints all they BOTH can think about is them dying. Hoping that Jamie and Jared are OK.Finally someone finds them. That someone is Uncle Jeb. Later she wakes up in a cave?! She sees... Jared, Uncle Jeb ect. Unthinking She runs up to Jared but, his actions are faster and he throws a HARD punch right in her face. TOO BE CONTINUED!

UNDER CONSTUCTION. Patience is a virtue

Dakota Fanning on New Moon

Ok it is rumored that Chris Weitz has talked to Dakota about her playing Jane in The sequel to Twilight. MTV caught up with her to talk about the books. We think Dakota could pull it off. She has the SMILE. She said that while she was at Comic-Con for her new movie "Push" she caught a glimpse of the Twilight Fan Craze. She has said its to soon to tell wether she will be playing Jane. But still more power to Dakota!

“We are considering all actors that have the unique requirements for the look of Jane — Dakota being one of them,” a rep for Summit told Access,I recieved from The website.

anyways what do you guys think? Comment back.